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The Pozar Genealogy Chart

Is the centerpiece of this web site. This chart links to info and photos of the ancestors and offspring of John Pozar and Johanna Cvar.

This couple were immigrants to America from the towns of Ribnica and Novo Mesto in current Slovenia. They travelled in the early part of the twentieth century and eventually settled in California.

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  Vacuum Tube is a link to the Late Night SoftwareWebsite, The home for Tim Pozar Telecommunications Engineering.   Thocmetone's Tales is a work in progress about the childhood of Sarah Winnemucca. Sarah was an advocate for the rights of her people, the Paviotso.
  The Doggie Diner is an album of Tim Pozar's photography, essays, biography and the best place to find talking dog jokes.   The Little House is a process journal about the remodeling of a small historic home in the town of Pacific Grove, California. NEW SECTION
  Haunts and Places contains historic views of Dinkey Creek, California. As the site fills, it will be a jump page for all antique postcard pages.   Aunt Polly is page dedicated to Polly Pozar Isakson. It was designed using simple HTML code as a sample page for my students.
  Jumping Bugs has links to virus tools.   Tajar online version.
  Paviotso Views contains pictures from antique postcards of the Northern Paiute people and life.   Supercharger contains the essays, poems and stories of the webmistress as well as her college webfolio.
  Gooze Sings is a compilation of songs popular at Camp Mar-Y-Mac at Dinkey Creek, California.   Rockabilly Kythe is an album of photos, projects, links and a biography of Kythe Stillwell.
  The Magic Carpet is an album of antique postcards of Pacific Grove, California.   The Robo Dance has links to our current ebay auctions and links to resources related to this website.
  The Mary-Y-Mac Tea Room is a forum for past staff and campers from the camp by that name.   San Carlos Cathedral, Monterey California contains antique postcard views and history of the Church.
      Sadie Jane Tribute We only had her for a year and a half, but we loved her dearly NEW SECTION
  For information about the Webmistress...   Website Log and what is new at the site.NEW INFO
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